Yasminne Cheng is a sexy fashionista

We are with Foxy Lady, Yaz, as he affectionately called by his listeners, and gives you a sense of style of the dress inspired in fashion.

Describe your style.
I have no idea how to answer this question. Classy Fashion, perhaps? Why do not you tell me the next time you see me!

What brands do not want to buy?
I saw a Herve Leger dress and absolutely thrilled, a Valentino dress, a day, beautiful red of course! Oh, and I like Badgley Mischka.

Where to buy you usually see clothes?
Anywhere and everywhere! Here in Singapore, My Places in order to buy clothes would Warehouse, Topshop, Bebe, BCBG, Patterns, Iceland River, Miss Selfridge and the Far East Plaza.

For shoes, Prada is the best offer! They are super comfortable! These bags, somehow always Miu Miu, Prada, Balenciaga dressed. I love bags and a girl really can not have too many bags, I think. I mean really, that almost made our life in the bag! So for the value of money. And it goes without saying, Variety is the spice of life ?

I also have [at least] once a year in Hong Kong to stay for shopping. They saw their sales more wonderful and there is so much variety, but I think that Singapore is catching up slowly!

How often do you buy new clothes to update your wardrobe?
Every time I hit my fancy, really. Sometimes I'm so busy that I can take weeks or months without buying anything. But when I'm on a roll, I can buy enough clothes for a few days in the last months, especially during my travel industry in Hong Kong.

I'm not the type that stores, if I, ever since I learned that if you are in this position, which rarely, if anything, find what you are looking for. So, if I do something I like and fit to see see. Then just wait for a chance to use it!
If you are the type of person who, with all that is true to a T?
Not really. I like to be coordinated, but not all necessarily coincide with a T.

One can never wear?
A Brazilian Bikini or string bikini. It's just a little too much, or rather, not enough for me. I do not have the legs of the pants too hot and so are the boots on his thigh. The look is not fucking with me anyway!

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