Katy Perry shows off her curves, her legs Letterman

Katy Perry looking stunning in an orange Herve Leger bandage dress Show notice at the last minute in New York on Tuesday, the day of his new album was released.

Earlier this week, has an amazing little Katy launched Glamour Shot.

Below the pictures is his Live on Letterman concerts in which he sang all his hits.
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Yasminne Cheng is a sexy fashionista

We are with Foxy Lady, Yaz, as he affectionately called by his listeners, and gives you a sense of style of the dress inspired in fashion.

Describe your style.
I have no idea how to answer this question. Classy Fashion, perhaps? Why do not you tell me the next time you see me!

What brands do not want to buy?
I saw a Herve Leger dress and absolutely thrilled, a Valentino dress, a day, beautiful red of course! Oh, and I like Badgley Mischka.

Where to buy you usually see clothes?
Anywhere and everywhere! Here in Singapore, My Places in order to buy clothes would Warehouse, Topshop, Bebe, BCBG, Patterns, Iceland River, Miss Selfridge and the Far East Plaza.

For shoes, Prada is the best offer! They are super comfortable! These bags, somehow always Miu Miu, Prada, Balenciaga dressed. I love bags and a girl really can not have too many bags, I think. I mean really, that almost made our life in the bag! So for the value of money. And it goes without saying, Variety is the spice of life ?

I also have [at least] once a year in Hong Kong to stay for shopping. They saw their sales more wonderful and there is so much variety, but I think that Singapore is catching up slowly!

How often do you buy new clothes to update your wardrobe?
Every time I hit my fancy, really. Sometimes I'm so busy that I can take weeks or months without buying anything. But when I'm on a roll, I can buy enough clothes for a few days in the last months, especially during my travel industry in Hong Kong.

I'm not the type that stores, if I, ever since I learned that if you are in this position, which rarely, if anything, find what you are looking for. So, if I do something I like and fit to see see. Then just wait for a chance to use it!
If you are the type of person who, with all that is true to a T?
Not really. I like to be coordinated, but not all necessarily coincide with a T.

One can never wear?
A Brazilian Bikini or string bikini. It's just a little too much, or rather, not enough for me. I do not have the legs of the pants too hot and so are the boots on his thigh. The look is not fucking with me anyway!


Leona Lewis goes with one of his dancers – this is a new love?

Leona Lewis hit the charts in London last night with a new mystery man, we can now exclusively reveal that one of his dancers, music, Jay Revell.

Looking stunning in a new-season Herve Leger black and white Colourblock dress, seemed Leona Lewis very happy with themselves when they left a nightclub in London Luxx.

And it would be smiling when we 24 to great dancer, Jay Revell, had in our arms.

The couple left the party together in the early hours of the morning after the celebration of the anniversary of his compatriot Christian Goka dancer.

Leone since splitting with her longtime boyfriend Lou Al-Shamaa in June only

She closed her dress in 1000, half black, pink nails, platform heels, patent, leather jacket and occupied.

Phwoar, we went with him when we had half the chance!

Aticle form: http://www.regilt.com/blog/2010/08/leona-lewis-goes-with-one-of-his-dancers-this-is-a-new-love/


high-heeled boots for the Miss Universe Australia UGG

In Australia, the 2010 Miss Universe participant news.com.au Jesinta UGG boots Campbell, High Heels, as part of the (cultural) shameful national costume in Miss Universe Australia next month.

Says Campbell: "I have a little sheepskin shrug, which I think is very Australian - very Outback...We have these gorgeous little high-heeled ugg boots, which I think is a nice little finishing touch. It is something that I am really proud to wear. I feel magnificent in it."

And if it is a fashionable appearance in the dress of the dangers of the container feet in a sheepskin rug, though I dare say a few sparks, this broader debate about how Australians are perceived abroad. I mean this in mind, this, this, this, this, this and that, I believe that the guardians of our national identity reduces vibration haven Bogan insists on perpetuating. World, we are not all trapped and completely free of attractive shoes, culture and tolerance in the 1980s - the South Island. Tasmania, New Zealand.

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Herve Leger bandage dress Focus on the design of the torque shafts Multan

Even our black people can be seen with a Herve Leger dress, walk freely on the street. If you are attentive enough quickly realized that dresses Herve Leger people are sexy and elegant. They are also younger than the age.Herve Leger dress is one of the world's best known brands.

Made of soft, Herve Leger dress is luxurious.

Normally, the perfect curve discussion that makes you elegant and feminine nobile. Closingfitting designed skirts are fantastic. Herve Leger negative form of the body design of the perfect. It is amazing how people who seem otherwise patterns innocent women, especially those that show more skin, or body shape than others tend to perceive you. No matter whether you are thin or thick, Herve Leger to 2010, the entire make-up display of the most beautiful. Herve Leger in a dress, no matter where you are, you will.
deep V-neck and C cover the design of the shoes design is very sexy bras Caovilla that style. With the design of sleeveless garments, and was a special kind of dressing gowns, the emphasis imposed on the design of the couple wrinkles make you more sexy. The backbone of clothing can easily open or close the gate.
Each dress has its own special and everyone has diffirent level. As a woman, the dress is a great way to show their character and charm. A considerable always needed clothes and the body is always the bearer of the garment. So if you have a good height, not the waste is pretty dress.

The Herve Leger Can Moscow region, a broken broken unusually warm and dry for over a month with two temperature records in June with ten records in July. The heat wave has caused the forest and peat fires Herve Leger sales in the capital smog.Everyone drowned toxic Hunting Information decorativefashion is still popular, the trend for the selection of Fashion Jewelry Change is always refreshing.


Try again on the horse ...

I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of Al, has published some of my Zeke. If I do not have a child, I thought the best was a dog. The bonus is that you can to train dogs body ... Try a three-year-old and go to jail. See, everything is solved in the best anyway.

After a difficult start, the dog was my little pride and joy. I think I was bored to death with all the pictures on my Treo. So I downloaded and ready to be published. I can bore more people this way. LOL! An incredible amount of gratitude for Gracie in the direction of the books Superpuppy. I have to do much work, but without the formation of a dominant position and some other little tips that I think I would pull my hair now complete. I can never thank them enough ... but I'm sure my cat is the curse of us now. It is not too thrilled about the addition of the family. The book is a version of the cat MEPH available to show how you teach the dog to leave him alone?

Zeke is not a big fan of poker. How can I know? The amount of time I am prevented from the game at the same time he got in trouble, because he is not 100% of my attention that I have to give that impression. Live games or online. While playing HORSE on Sunday, I missed at least 10 minutes to go because I had to. Then it was pee , saw his friend neighborhood. Of course, I could not, without the grass with its launch into force. And it's really hard to explain that I can not allow my dog to have fun, because then I made before each hand, and I do not want to lose much of my chip stack. (Maybe you just need the new neighbors, but ...) Fortunately, he was one of the first level and I was not hurt so bad. After much time and good luck, I had the opportunity to relax H:) This is the first blogger to win the tournament. Of course, with only 17 people (one of them was a gift), I had a much better chance.

Most weekends are spent with Zeke, most recently at the beach. She loves the sand, she hates the car. Not only that he loves , but vomiting. A lot. They gave me advice on how to treat his illness, but too little. Bonine. Evil pills disadvantages vomiting /. It helps give chewing a pig's ear to distract until your body adjusts to the race. It is much better, but with short walks. Previously he was no more than a few blocks before taking a flat ceiling in the back seat. Now, what led to the dog park, the pet store and McDonald's on a regular basis.

The dog loves the food of the golden arches. can see my mother dog, no matter where you go, and you're crazy. Zeke is not, but he knows that doubling the plain paper bags, waiting for his burger. I've learned that you do not eat ice cream, but. or dog biscuits. Or die a lot more dogs. He may treat chicken powder (the best dog ever!) And save me a random selection of parts to chew cured of cattle.
And I mean random. Who would have thought that you have received whole cow's hooves and nose in the pet store? He loves pig ears and tails of cows, so ... not the kind of candy ... but I hesitated to the ears of sheep and some other things that I could not identify. I guess I feel bad for the sheep fluffly little. A bit silly, and my favorites are served with horseradish sauce rare. I think I have problems.

Now, almost 10 hours and the dog and I go to bed now. It was his pillow, I have mine. spoiled child. He deserves it. Zeke the wonder dog is certainly a plus in my life. You do not always get a lot of other things I wanted to do, but your company a lot. The rest will fall into place. He has always ...


Kelly Osbourne is hoping to turn their pain into a song?

Kelly Osbourne had a hard month to break their relationship with her boyfriend Luke Worrall and the death of her beloved dog.

Now it seems that the star with his pain as a source of inspiration.

The 25-year-old was spotted heading into a recording studio in Los Angeles with a friend yesterday, with bags and books.

After a while she came and changed the ugg boots and some platform pumps, peep-toe to look more glamorous.

Kelly, who already has versions of Papa Do not Preach and the girls Just Want to Have Fun, took a break from recording music in recent years.

It appears, however, Kelly strives busy after the end of his contract hold up to 20 years.

Former Dancing With The Stars candidates and model girlfriend started from May 2008, following a meeting with friends.

The couple split rumors that he cheated, and a few days later he was back from a trip to Las Vegas to find his dog Woody died.


Paris Hilton launches perfume tenth as Marilyn Monroe dressed

The heiress in a skintight white Herve Leger bandage dress association committed, that a division has created, not present in the rule.

She accessorized with a naked shrug the whole skin, high heels and wore diamond jewelry and red lipstick.

Paris was the launch of her new fragrance Tease, when his team was the perfect choice to do so.

Asked about the name of your perfume, said Entertainment Tonight: I just thought was funny Tease, firty name.

I think the smell something really catchy and something that girls think it's beautiful. I thought that Marilyn was a joke.

The tenth and perfume, has written about Twitter before the event, conducted in Los Angeles: Start at home, preparing my event Tease fragrance.

Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan and British in both cases with Paris and posed on the red carpet.


trend-spotters make an inventory of 2010 ten cool fashion

Top 10 must-haves to be trendy in 2010
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be cool? You could say it has nothing to do with appearance. Blah. This question of the attitude and confidence. Blah, blah. Well, probably right, but we do not take these spiritual things here. It is too deep. What we discuss here is useless, in other words, the surface of things. Some say that the possession of these items you will think you are cool, but not really. Well, not to hear that because they at least help.
No.1 The Iphone
If truth be told, the Iphone is not the most practical phone out there. Probably there are more cons than pros, but when the Iphone hit the high street, people went mad for it. Who says looks don't matter?
No.2 Mac Air
Next on the list is one close to the iPhone, the Mac Air is not know you, I have nothing to say, how it works, and anyway, it might be nice to use, and I would be happy to take him anywhere as an accessory. Some of you may shake your head at the time of rebellion because of the vanity of everything, well, that's the spirit!
No. 3 The Dell Alionware
He said the world's most powerful laptop game, yes, you do not hear bad, I was playing! When a powerful computer in the game, you need something else? I'm sure some of you agree with me on that point.That's enough for the cool gadgets; seriously, I think I should be getting paid for doing this!
No. 4 MJ's CD/DVD
I do not want to put his opinion, but the death of Michael Jackson was a tragic loss for us all. Recalling the legend means of them have a CD or a DVD. And it is not even cool again, more as a courtesy, I think.
No. 5 Recycle bags
They do not sound very glamorous, but it can really do. There are a lot of them are elegant. Also looks good, it makes people think that you are really worried about the environment.

It is now time for fashion trends. Fashion Ah, where to start? Essential to the work of hundreds of thousands CV to be really cruel.
For 2009, you must have something to bolt to, is so enormous, and the addition of metal stud chickedge on everything from leather denimadds a rocking chair with a hint of 80s style, no doubt the trend! Put studson cowboy boots, and he met two trends at once.

You can never be more riveting, or can you? How busy for sunglasses with Rihanna, as the designers, the specifications are not see-through, but you can see through them! How sweet!
No. 6 The over knee boots
They've got to be one - well, two - of the sexiest bits of footware ever created. Do I have to say more?
No. 7 Leg decorations
If this is not elegant or sexy enough to go your legs in leather boots to the thighs and legs to fill completely naked, for example, have the choice between one-fall-socks and stockings have. We are not talking about decorations to tame legs. Oh, no, I think wild!
No. 8 Strong shouldered jacket
This year, the shoulders of course very strong in all regions, long dresses, mini dresses and jackets. But it may look cool, he has courage, so look .. Although the balance of the shoulder ....
No. 9 UGG boots
Before calling sexist, you should know better how quickly this story: the luxury of Ugg no longer a luxury that only a woman can enjoy. As for the Ugg for men. Can we really make a difference? A thought came to mind, remember have a couple of these way back when? (List of ancient Chinese winter boots that are similar to UGG), I would say there are some similarities, right? In addition, it is said that Australian men have worn Ugg boots for over 100 years, well that!
No. 10 Compliant free world
I could so go on and on, but hey, companions in cool, I am honored if you have come this far with me. So dear fellers, how many of the above do you possess? If none, well, don't panic, I've saved the last one for you, and it is the self-help book, The complaint free world, that will help you to get over it!


Miss Australia asked to get rid of their hair Ugg

A pair of Ugg high heel boots fur for use by the representative of the Australian Miss Universe contest later this month has been attacked on two fronts - saddlery and animal cruelty.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked Campbell Jesinta not wearing Ugg boots or wool shrug compete in Las Vegas on 23 August, when he was cruel and contrary to the ethics, Mules with Australian wool origin.

Mulesing, a practice common in Australian farmers, is the running surfaces of the skin of the buttocks of the wool of sheep removed in a bid to an outbreak of potentially deadly fly strike called to contain larvae.
Some people say that Ugg Boots Ugg wear it ugly , but we believe that mulesing ugly is in uggs, said PETA Director Jason Baker campaign said in a statement.

PETA claims that it stop to prevent more humane way fly infestation and has many satisfied, clothing designers and retailers like H & M and Limited Brands on the recruitment of wool slippers.

Campbell dress designer Natasha Dwyer of Sydney said he was inspired by the interior. But the Australian media he described as a joke national and a farce. The country has no clothes.

Campbell, 18, who won the title of Miss Universe Australia in June, could not be reached for comment. So far, the process described as unbelievable.


Call the fashion police! High fly feeds on the Upper East Side

Sometimes is can the popularity of a particular point of fashion by the number of women who did not spare the money to buy it, steal it are measured.

This was the case recently with the ubiquitous mini-dress by Herve Leger (pronounced He-Veh, jeh-law), the slightly fat rayon, nylon and spandex, which is like an industrial power, all spanx constriction flattering parts of the figure combines the wife, while their female attributes bladder. The best thing about these clothes is independent of its size seems to be very good in the little actress Lucy Liu took root at Women’s Wear Daily. Women have regular this dress so many times on television, in magazines and on the internet women using irregular (Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, the Kardashians), who believe they deserve to have one, maybe even without paying for it.

Last week, Upper East Side district, the police of the East 67th Street has a call from an employee at the store on Madison Avenue, Herve Leger, a crime that took place 1:20-13: 40 report of the 21 July in the light of day in the early afternoon hours entered, three women who appeared to be a young man in his 20 years in the shop and walked through the door. While the women distracted the manager and a sales staff, the man, described as beige shorts about 6 feet 1 and 150 pounds, and white sneakers, took three dresses hanging in front of the store and fled north on Madison Avenue. Not enough evidence to arrest the women were able to leave the manager in the store. Dresses $ 7200 a long dress made of black glass, a dress of $ 4.900 in black and cream, and a black Herve leger dress with a V-neck at a price of $ 1,450, were never found and are now housed in cabinets that may be of three women.

Only a week earlier disappeared four Herve Leger dresses in Saks Fifth Avenue. According to security Mall in the northern sector of downtown on Sunday questioned 11 July at about 18:30 clock, two young women abducted in her invisible screen, and a bag of department stores. This time, a woman, 20 years old and Felicia Glass Therlonge Alwood age of 22, were arrested and recover stolen clothes: a double purple bracelet ($ 1,250), a broad blue stripes with a double V-neck ($ 1,050), Mini-knitted Batik ($ 1.850), and another dressed the same price. Young women are charged with grand larceny.
A representative of the fashion brand, as he was the star, through the series of thefts involving clothing reaches surprised, but Lubov and Max Azria, the designer behind the line, to provide for an interview.

And the brand has not the only victim of robbers in fashion in the past two weeks. Thursday, July 15, flat Jade, a Brooklyn resident, was on suspicion of robbery after he was arrested four dresses (for a total of $ 17,140) by Azzedine Ala? One, the fashion designer of Tunisian origin, into his pocket to Barneys on Madison Avenue was born about 6:30 clock the next day, three young men Shaquelle Alcindor, 20, Charles Gordon, 20, and Mr. Qadir, 18, all Brooklyn arrested after $ two pairs of shoes in the shop accused Christian Louboutin 1.890 in Madison for a stolen credit card.

But perhaps the most sympathetic victim of a theft of department stores was recently Arun Jolly. On Wednesday last week, the 27-year-old residents of the Upper East Side his bike in the rack on Third Avenue Bloomingdale parked. Mr. Jolly, who was on vacation in Belize had the next day came the business of the night in exchange for a couple of swimsuits, before a different size was purchased. When he on his Cannondale returned five minutes later, the cable lock was cut and Kenda tires were gone. He took what remained of the house by bike, on the back.

I just parked outside the four steps, said Jolly, when the cross came to him by phone on Monday. It was going to the airport in Belize, home.

Since Mr. Jolly was absent, he is not sure whether the police had concluded with the bicycle wheel thief. When he returns, he said, will spend about $ 800 to replace the stolen wheels and other parts. As for the jersey has Bloomingdale changed over that night, said he worked to perfection their tropical getaway, although he does not remember the designer. I do not remember the brand at all, he said. I’m sorry.

Article from: http://www.regilt.com/blog/2010/08/call-the-fashion-police-high-fly-feeds-on-the-upper-east-side/