Miss Australia asked to get rid of their hair Ugg

A pair of Ugg high heel boots fur for use by the representative of the Australian Miss Universe contest later this month has been attacked on two fronts - saddlery and animal cruelty.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked Campbell Jesinta not wearing Ugg boots or wool shrug compete in Las Vegas on 23 August, when he was cruel and contrary to the ethics, Mules with Australian wool origin.

Mulesing, a practice common in Australian farmers, is the running surfaces of the skin of the buttocks of the wool of sheep removed in a bid to an outbreak of potentially deadly fly strike called to contain larvae.
Some people say that Ugg Boots Ugg wear it ugly , but we believe that mulesing ugly is in uggs, said PETA Director Jason Baker campaign said in a statement.

PETA claims that it stop to prevent more humane way fly infestation and has many satisfied, clothing designers and retailers like H & M and Limited Brands on the recruitment of wool slippers.

Campbell dress designer Natasha Dwyer of Sydney said he was inspired by the interior. But the Australian media he described as a joke national and a farce. The country has no clothes.

Campbell, 18, who won the title of Miss Universe Australia in June, could not be reached for comment. So far, the process described as unbelievable.

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