Leona Lewis goes with one of his dancers – this is a new love?

Leona Lewis hit the charts in London last night with a new mystery man, we can now exclusively reveal that one of his dancers, music, Jay Revell.

Looking stunning in a new-season Herve Leger black and white Colourblock dress, seemed Leona Lewis very happy with themselves when they left a nightclub in London Luxx.

And it would be smiling when we 24 to great dancer, Jay Revell, had in our arms.

The couple left the party together in the early hours of the morning after the celebration of the anniversary of his compatriot Christian Goka dancer.

Leone since splitting with her longtime boyfriend Lou Al-Shamaa in June only

She closed her dress in 1000, half black, pink nails, platform heels, patent, leather jacket and occupied.

Phwoar, we went with him when we had half the chance!

Aticle form: http://www.regilt.com/blog/2010/08/leona-lewis-goes-with-one-of-his-dancers-this-is-a-new-love/

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