trend-spotters make an inventory of 2010 ten cool fashion

Top 10 must-haves to be trendy in 2010
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be cool? You could say it has nothing to do with appearance. Blah. This question of the attitude and confidence. Blah, blah. Well, probably right, but we do not take these spiritual things here. It is too deep. What we discuss here is useless, in other words, the surface of things. Some say that the possession of these items you will think you are cool, but not really. Well, not to hear that because they at least help.
No.1 The Iphone
If truth be told, the Iphone is not the most practical phone out there. Probably there are more cons than pros, but when the Iphone hit the high street, people went mad for it. Who says looks don't matter?
No.2 Mac Air
Next on the list is one close to the iPhone, the Mac Air is not know you, I have nothing to say, how it works, and anyway, it might be nice to use, and I would be happy to take him anywhere as an accessory. Some of you may shake your head at the time of rebellion because of the vanity of everything, well, that's the spirit!
No. 3 The Dell Alionware
He said the world's most powerful laptop game, yes, you do not hear bad, I was playing! When a powerful computer in the game, you need something else? I'm sure some of you agree with me on that point.That's enough for the cool gadgets; seriously, I think I should be getting paid for doing this!
No. 4 MJ's CD/DVD
I do not want to put his opinion, but the death of Michael Jackson was a tragic loss for us all. Recalling the legend means of them have a CD or a DVD. And it is not even cool again, more as a courtesy, I think.
No. 5 Recycle bags
They do not sound very glamorous, but it can really do. There are a lot of them are elegant. Also looks good, it makes people think that you are really worried about the environment.

It is now time for fashion trends. Fashion Ah, where to start? Essential to the work of hundreds of thousands CV to be really cruel.
For 2009, you must have something to bolt to, is so enormous, and the addition of metal stud chickedge on everything from leather denimadds a rocking chair with a hint of 80s style, no doubt the trend! Put studson cowboy boots, and he met two trends at once.

You can never be more riveting, or can you? How busy for sunglasses with Rihanna, as the designers, the specifications are not see-through, but you can see through them! How sweet!
No. 6 The over knee boots
They've got to be one - well, two - of the sexiest bits of footware ever created. Do I have to say more?
No. 7 Leg decorations
If this is not elegant or sexy enough to go your legs in leather boots to the thighs and legs to fill completely naked, for example, have the choice between one-fall-socks and stockings have. We are not talking about decorations to tame legs. Oh, no, I think wild!
No. 8 Strong shouldered jacket
This year, the shoulders of course very strong in all regions, long dresses, mini dresses and jackets. But it may look cool, he has courage, so look .. Although the balance of the shoulder ....
No. 9 UGG boots
Before calling sexist, you should know better how quickly this story: the luxury of Ugg no longer a luxury that only a woman can enjoy. As for the Ugg for men. Can we really make a difference? A thought came to mind, remember have a couple of these way back when? (List of ancient Chinese winter boots that are similar to UGG), I would say there are some similarities, right? In addition, it is said that Australian men have worn Ugg boots for over 100 years, well that!
No. 10 Compliant free world
I could so go on and on, but hey, companions in cool, I am honored if you have come this far with me. So dear fellers, how many of the above do you possess? If none, well, don't panic, I've saved the last one for you, and it is the self-help book, The complaint free world, that will help you to get over it!

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