Call the fashion police! High fly feeds on the Upper East Side

Sometimes is can the popularity of a particular point of fashion by the number of women who did not spare the money to buy it, steal it are measured.

This was the case recently with the ubiquitous mini-dress by Herve Leger (pronounced He-Veh, jeh-law), the slightly fat rayon, nylon and spandex, which is like an industrial power, all spanx constriction flattering parts of the figure combines the wife, while their female attributes bladder. The best thing about these clothes is independent of its size seems to be very good in the little actress Lucy Liu took root at Women’s Wear Daily. Women have regular this dress so many times on television, in magazines and on the internet women using irregular (Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, the Kardashians), who believe they deserve to have one, maybe even without paying for it.

Last week, Upper East Side district, the police of the East 67th Street has a call from an employee at the store on Madison Avenue, Herve Leger, a crime that took place 1:20-13: 40 report of the 21 July in the light of day in the early afternoon hours entered, three women who appeared to be a young man in his 20 years in the shop and walked through the door. While the women distracted the manager and a sales staff, the man, described as beige shorts about 6 feet 1 and 150 pounds, and white sneakers, took three dresses hanging in front of the store and fled north on Madison Avenue. Not enough evidence to arrest the women were able to leave the manager in the store. Dresses $ 7200 a long dress made of black glass, a dress of $ 4.900 in black and cream, and a black Herve leger dress with a V-neck at a price of $ 1,450, were never found and are now housed in cabinets that may be of three women.

Only a week earlier disappeared four Herve Leger dresses in Saks Fifth Avenue. According to security Mall in the northern sector of downtown on Sunday questioned 11 July at about 18:30 clock, two young women abducted in her invisible screen, and a bag of department stores. This time, a woman, 20 years old and Felicia Glass Therlonge Alwood age of 22, were arrested and recover stolen clothes: a double purple bracelet ($ 1,250), a broad blue stripes with a double V-neck ($ 1,050), Mini-knitted Batik ($ 1.850), and another dressed the same price. Young women are charged with grand larceny.
A representative of the fashion brand, as he was the star, through the series of thefts involving clothing reaches surprised, but Lubov and Max Azria, the designer behind the line, to provide for an interview.

And the brand has not the only victim of robbers in fashion in the past two weeks. Thursday, July 15, flat Jade, a Brooklyn resident, was on suspicion of robbery after he was arrested four dresses (for a total of $ 17,140) by Azzedine Ala? One, the fashion designer of Tunisian origin, into his pocket to Barneys on Madison Avenue was born about 6:30 clock the next day, three young men Shaquelle Alcindor, 20, Charles Gordon, 20, and Mr. Qadir, 18, all Brooklyn arrested after $ two pairs of shoes in the shop accused Christian Louboutin 1.890 in Madison for a stolen credit card.

But perhaps the most sympathetic victim of a theft of department stores was recently Arun Jolly. On Wednesday last week, the 27-year-old residents of the Upper East Side his bike in the rack on Third Avenue Bloomingdale parked. Mr. Jolly, who was on vacation in Belize had the next day came the business of the night in exchange for a couple of swimsuits, before a different size was purchased. When he on his Cannondale returned five minutes later, the cable lock was cut and Kenda tires were gone. He took what remained of the house by bike, on the back.

I just parked outside the four steps, said Jolly, when the cross came to him by phone on Monday. It was going to the airport in Belize, home.

Since Mr. Jolly was absent, he is not sure whether the police had concluded with the bicycle wheel thief. When he returns, he said, will spend about $ 800 to replace the stolen wheels and other parts. As for the jersey has Bloomingdale changed over that night, said he worked to perfection their tropical getaway, although he does not remember the designer. I do not remember the brand at all, he said. I’m sorry.

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