Max Azria explained his mark predominantly white

Yesterday Herve Leger Max Azria show during that tweeted the following: only one black model wear Herve Leger dress. It was an obvious observation, and ITT is that werent alone. Jenna Sauers Jezebel, a site known that the route control and the variety of fashion, than about his votes Azria almost all white, asked for the show. His answer may surprise you.

It is noted, as stated, is this not Sauers Azria first offense.

Since spring 2000 season Azria never has more than three models of color unique to each show and several of his shows are booked more than 40 teams. In fact, within seven seasons in the middle of the decade, has a white star cast Hired Azria each of their shows. Since then, the diversity of the casting Azria and diversity of the fashion industry in general has not improved.

Sauers also sked what he thought of the diversity in the industry as a whole. And that's where training comes in Le Mans media # 1 rule: always be positive.

I think I'm the king of fashion in diversity. I'm all over the world and really not a problem with this is in fact just the opposite: we have no problem!

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