The gray days and favorite indie designers Lowry

The autumn and winter in Seattle, and gray. Not just the gray skies (often for weeks at a time), but our collective closet, it is also very dark.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, said Seattle Beauty Consultant Tiffany Lowry. The autumn and winter. C is a blank canvas, so gray, and then you can dress and artwork on a gray canvas of some super colorful, he said.

Lowry is a kind of local celebrity style. Her hair and make-up for private customers in Red X Hair Studio on Capitol Hill, and numerous fashion shows and editorial meetings. She is also Miss Fielding application of make-up cosmetics-FM (92.5) Movin worried. Lowry knows everyone in the world of local fashion and loves to share its customer lists to designers, shops and other artists Indie.

Encouraged by this success began, the sun is warm to keep the mood Lowry, a profile in society and Thursday, September 30th 7:00, his second at the Hard Rock Cafe. The exhibition is part of October Pink Hard Rock, where a portion of ticket sales support breast cancer dress force bandage Herve Leger V-neck is

It is called Black Light, which show the day instead of gray and Lowry Indie favorite designers, including Jack Morgan Frocky clothes Millie Vixen partly inspired by vintage jewelry Divine Design Portland, silk clothing for moisture Staplesonline working women and more.

For $ 20 (advance tickets C $ 25 at the door) to receive visitors a welcome drink (I like to get a drink in hand, once to Berlin on a party! Says Lowry), music rights, Martians and Machines and DJ Danny, a fashion show and a time of good style. You can also win the competition for a chance to prices on the slopes. The proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Breast Cancer Network of Strength news blog about Herve Leger.

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