Miss South Carolina, South: Five keys to victory gamecocks

Finally. It is the time of the year.

South Carolina has its sensational 2010 season started with a game against the Eagles underestimated and capable Southern Miss Golden.

The Golden Eagles may not have the hype of a major conference, but they are certainly powerful enough to replace a poorly prepared team.

This season, I bring back my piece of five buttons, with a picture of the advantage at the beginning of each section.

On paper, Carolina Panthers much more than the talent of the South, however, Miss, Southern Miss was an exceptional player. Martevious Young and Austin Davis have formed neighborhood, and until Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw shows growth, they have a fair share of quarterback. From now on, Southern Miss has an offensive line.

Defensive has the advantage of South Carolina in all categories, except for the linebacker, where the lady of the South.

Well, the five keys to victory in South Carolina.

1st South Carolina must DeAndre Brown, 6'6 nightmare of a receiver.

Stephon Gilmore will have his hands full since the beginning. DeAndre Brown is without doubt one of the best receivers in the league and will no doubt its share of the catch. Fortunately for South Carolina, in the defensive backfield is potentially their best set.

Gilmore, Chris Culliver and Akeem Auguste must defeat Brown. If you do not find this game to be distributed closer to his 14-point shows.

2nd Find new ways to pressure the quarterback.

By Eric Norwood and Clifton Geathers Port NFL jerseys this season, someone has to step up to put pressure on the quarterback. The two quarters in southern Mississippi are fast and stealthy. It will take me more than Cliff Matthews, to keep the pressure on these guys.

Shaq Wilson, the replacement of Norwood, will be in perfect health, and Devin Taylor fix on the promise he showed last season.

3rd Find a way to Marcus Lattimore involved in the game

Some rumors outside Colombia Marcus Lattimore actually starts the game with his season's work and efforts of the offensive line (he was the representative of the line of scrimmage in the head) and his move surprisingly well block all the way open for him to be a major force in the SEC in the coming years.

If you are involved at the start (screen goes, sweeps, wild cat) and wins a few meters in size, so it has a great game. The degree of confidence not only him but his offensive line fires.

4th Find a reasonable revenue for the offensive line.

He was a very difficult area for the most abused football. With injuries and suspensions, the team is happy to five starters, who can play, have. The two deep, will be a mix of players.

Place against a dead horse (it was repeated that the line must improve for this team is better said), the idea here is that in the rotation.
The coaches must find a way to enable the operator fresh and minimizing the use of safeguards. It will be difficult, but that's why coaches paid a lot of money.

The starters are talented.

5th Do not take anything for Georgia. Leave everything on the field.

We always talk about a game board with vanilla only game of the season every year. Against NC State last season, South Carolina has not come out all the stops. Although no one really comes out and acknowledges that everyone who watched the game could be seen.

If not South Carolina has given this game a whole, they will be defeated. Southern Miss is not a pie and you are ready to fight.

believe, in fact, in the South Mississippi players and coaches that they will win.

South Carolina, be better prepared.

However, I stand by my original choice, South Carolina and won the game 28-7.

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