Herve Leger Naeem Khan Naughty Active asserted Glamorous

When you see the herve leger dress classic bands, you know, you have to be Herve Leger. The fashion line Spring / Summer 2011 collection is so sexy and slippery, as we expected it, but the designer Max Azria, said this season has a little advantage.

As you know, Herve Leger is very sexy, and this time is a bit angry, short dresses of the past, said Azria.

The collection is all about action and enough clothing, leather top. Azria has a number of urban elegance to your collection of clothes and fabrics leather corset dances on the runway. Then the colors.

It is not just black or whatever, she knows almost white, beige, pink, light green, coral, is much more visual, as opposed to what we had, says Azria.

Light night on the town offered, designer Naeem Khan, a night on the red carpet.

Khan was followed all the glitz and glamor to boot with plenty of sequins, embroidery and big bling. There were complex pieces, thigh high slits and bright floral patterns.

While the line has to do with the brilliance tape, Khan will also be accessible for all.

Khan makes a move this season is a family affair. His clothes were carefully matched with a collection of jewelry of his wife, Ranjana Khan.

We have seen a lot of color, energy and many new silhouettes for the night, that's great, says Ashley Baker, associate director of the newspaper.

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