Lydia Towie is brightly polished Jet Pig

The only way brilliant Essex Lydia by the defenders of the rights of the animals was ruined.

The 20-year-old blonde - who are pig trotters company Mr. Darcy painted red according to Christian Louboutin shoes (20/03/1911) show Sunday night - has been criticized as an idiot to use his friend Porky, he bought the friend arg Christmas James Silver, a toy .

In scenes ditzy saw Mr. Darcy Lydia take a party to celebrate the release of colleagues, The only way to Essex 'Star Sam and his sister Billie Faiers shop now pet pig ravaged polite when he urinated on the floor store.

RSPCA farm animal experts think Julia Wrathall shocking scenes of serious concerns about the attitude of Lydia in the way of creature.

However, a spokesman for the program ITV2 has confirmed that despite the claims, both Lydia and Arg caring owners of pigs.

The representative said: Lydia, and a pig foot and license Arg own supply.