Cindy Crawford - Herve Leger is not a fan of the current models

Designer Herve Leger said she had not shown their collections at Fashion Week, because the model is now trivial compared to Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.

Herve Leger said she could not show their collections at Fashion Week, because the model is now on the agenda. The designers - the Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista used in its size over 90 years - the current crop of beauty are not in the same league and would not be fair, his clothes.

He told the Daily Lagerfeld: If I were to return to the Gateway presentations are in a panic ... I had to think models are too thin, too sad, and I knew that the age of super high-end models Linda Evangelista. . and Cindy Crawford, who were always smiling and very much alive today in several stages and you can see exactly the same kind of girls just does not inspire me to -. presentations of course I have three shows per year can be in the spring, the fall, and cruise I show in my showroom and what I like is that the buyers come to me. They bought and sold things right, and j 'I feel there is something because I somewhere in the world, the customer how have to know what I do and that is reward enough.

Even if not impressed at the current models, Herve is a big fan of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, as it is to work very inspiring.