Suri Cruise Style Girls Heels Spurs targeted campaign for retailers

Suri Cruise terror ever end?

The fashion for four years has been to convince the public enemy number to a new campaign to retailers like this, stop high heels for girls, reports the Daily Mail.

Cruise started the trend by sporting high heels (the mother of Katie Holmes were actually declared ballroom shoe) on several occasions - but the British Mumsnet group of parents put their feet on the ground with the launch of its new campaign, girls with girls, the report.

Some of the shoes that I saw for sale seems better suited for a lap-dancing club at the foot of a child, spokeswoman Justine Roberts Mumsnet paper.

Some of the school shoes Tesco sells a two-inch heels. You should not have high heels, your feet when you are in development.

That is, Suri - you're grounded!

Podiatrists also warn that the Daily Mail for children can lead to heel injury.

Children can take advantage of this fact is alarming, said Gregory podiatrist McCoshim source.

All heels over 2 cm increased the risk for a twisted ankle.

Ouch. GapKids, however, said the newspaper that the heels have been tested for safety, while Asda, said she has not received any complaint. And then?

Its popularity suggests that many parents agree that we have done with a special look that is grown seemingly without undue, said a spokesman for the bank Daily Mail

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