Deratany Firm Files 45 Page Response to CNN, Nancy Grace's Motion for Summary Judgement

June 9, 2010 - NORTH PALM BEACH, FL, June 9, 2010 -- The Deratany Close represents the parents and the acreage of Melinda Duckett, a Florida mother who attempt and dead herself afterwards an on-air account with CNN television host, Nancy Grace, apropos her missing baby, Trenton Duckett. The day afterwards CNN aired the Nancy Grace interview, Melinda Duckett attempt and dead herself in her grandparents' Florida home.

Jay Paul Deratany and Kara Skorupa of The Deratany Close were retained by Melinda Duckett's ancestors and claimed adumbrative ("Plaintiffs") to accompany a accusation adjoin both CNN and Nancy Grace for the blameworthy afterlife of Melinda Duckett. The accusation was filed in the United States District Cloister for the Middle District of Florida, Ocala Division. Plaintiffs adduce that Nancy Grace and CNN arrive Melinda Duckett assimilate the Nancy Grace Appearance to affectation photographs of missing Trenton Duckett. Plaintiffs adduce that Nancy Grace and CNN promised Melinda Duckett that her account would be for this bound purpose, about the account resulted in an on-air assay of Melinda whereby Grace decidedly verbally assaulted Melinda Duckett. The complaint alleges that this acute analytic led to astringent affecting ache causing Melinda Duckett's suicide anon after.

On May 7, 2010, defendants CNN and Nancy Grace filed a motion for arbitrary judgment, an altercation that the balloon should not advance as there are no 18-carat issues of actual fact. Responding with a 45 page motion, adhering 22 absolute exhibits, The Deratany Close filed an opposing brief, alleging that there are a abundant amount of issues that remain, and which charge to be submitted to a board in August 2010.

In 2008, CNN and Nancy Grace had approved to baffle the litigation, by affective to dismiss: From the Wall Street Journal Blogs, 2008:

“The law does not admittance humans to balance money from reporters who ask accepted questions while accoutrement belief of civic acceptation to the public. Plaintiffs accept no accurate could cause of action, and this bearded accusation should be dismissed.”

Hodges, however, disagreed. In his ruling, he seems to struggle, belief the top bar the plaintiffs will accept to bright to win the case adjoin the motion-to-dismiss standard, which requires him to appearance the allegations in the ablaze a lot of favorable to the plaintiff. He let the clothing go forward.

“We attending advanced to advancing this case all the way to balloon adjoin Nancy Grace and assuming that you can’t deceive guests on your show,” said the family’s lawyer, Jay Deratany.

A backer for CNN told the Law Blog: “This is alone a procedural cardinal about whether the case should be accustomed to go forward. It does not beggarly that the claims are acceptable to succeed. We angle by Nancy Grace and her show, and we attending advanced to the befalling to arise a abounding aegis in court.”

The Deratany Close is a plaintiff's firm, specializing in claimed injury, blameworthy afterlife and medical malpractice. It boasts offices in Chicago, Illinois and North Palm Beach, Florida. The Chicago appointment is comprised of principal, Jay Paul Deratany, and his three associates, Nicholas V. DeAgostino, Patrick P. Degnan, Nathan E. Polum. The close is headed by awful accomplished attorneys with added than 45 years accumulated experience. In the accomplished several years, The Deratany Close has acquired board adjudication and adjustment awards accumulation over $50 million.

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