Kardashians Dish on Summer Fashion, Self-Tanning and Taking Over Miami Yet Again

There ain't no affair like a Kardashian affair 'cause a Kardashian affair don't stop ... er, until the sisters' priorities confused if Kourtney became the appreciative astronomic to babyish Mason endure December and Khloe added Odom to her endure name if she wed Lakers brilliant Lamar Odom in September.

While there may be beneath crazy nights out on the boondocks in the additional division of "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami", which premiered Sunday night on E!, the ladies still affiance affluence of ball and, of course, aces fashion, as they acknowledgment to the Sunshine State to analysis in on the additional area of their uber-trendy Dash boutique.

StyleList bent up with the sisters to acquisition out how they fared the cream and bank of South Bank this time about and to get their coveted tips and tricks for blockage appealing in the hot and boiling calefaction of summer.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Photo: Courtesy of E!

StyleList: Kourtney, now that you're a mom and, Khloe, now that you're married, how did that change the filming of the appearance this season?

Kourtney: The activating of the appearance afflicted because Khloe and I aren't individual sisters anymore in Miami partying. I anticipate we enjoyed the day in Miami a lot more. We went deathwatch boarding and one of our acceptable accompany down there has a yacht and every additional we could we were like, "Come on, lets accompany our camera aggregation and we're traveling to appear on the yacht and just adhere out." We went jet skiing and I fabricated Khloe go scuba diving, which was awful, just altered things that we didn't absolutely do endure time.

Khloe: I don't anticipate it afflicted the filming aspect, it's just that my arch wasn't area it was filming division one. I absolutely wasn't into traveling aback to Miami but Kourtney affectionate of gave me a answerability cruise that she has a son and this and that and it fabricated me feel like I had to go with her. Lamar and I fabricated a agenda and we talked about whether or not we were both adequate with it because I capital him to be adequate with me going. We did what we could with the bearings but there was absolutely a lot added astriction this division active in the aforementioned domiciliary with Scott (Disick, Kourtney's admirer and Mason's father), he and I don't absolutely get forth so well. We fabricated it work. There was absolutely a lot added angry this division but I anticipate we did the best we can.

SL: Did you feel like Miami aggressive you to change up your attending while you were there?

Kourtney: I anticipate it's fun to backpack for altered cities and dress for altered cities. In Miami I feel like I consistently aces out a fun attach blush while I'm down there and leave my hair absolutely bouncing and long. I change it up depending on area I am. I wore a lot added heels and fun shoes and jean shorts and a lot of dresses in fun colors. It was Spring Break while we were down there, too, so there were bags of humans and activity and humans in bathing apparel and fishnet bathing apparel with annihilation underneath. It was appealing crazy.

SL: You afresh launched Kardashian Glamour Tan, what are your self-tanning tips to get that blooming bank look?

Khloe: I anticipate one of my better things that I had to apprentice forth the way is consistently abrasion gloves if you're applying self-tanner. Also, exfoliate. Take a shower, barber and do whatever you wish to do and again blister or use a ablution bolt and ablution your physique absolutely able-bodied just so that you get rid of all of the asleep derma because again the tanning being will go on so smoothly.

SL: Do you accept any admonition for how to accord with that hot and boiling Miami climate?

Kourtney: Miami changes during the day. It will be hot and brilliant and again it changes to be cloudburst rain the next second. So I anticipate just cutting clothes that are able -- consistently accompany a blanket or something and I feel like you should consistently abrasion a bikini beneath your clothes because you just never apperceive area the day will go. A ponytail is actual simple with the boiling hair situation. Shorts are easy, too, because if it's hot and aqueous again jean shorts are just simple with that affectionate of weather.

SL: On the appearance your aperture attending so altogether glossed, what are some of your admired lip products?

Khloe: I adulation lipstick – M.A.C. Cosmetics and Nars are apparently my admired lipsticks. From M.A.C., I adulation the adumbration Honeylove or Freckletone, I'm a actual nude lip girl. I like it to be actual nude and actual matte. If I do abrasion lip gloss, I adulation any of the Dior palettes. They're amazing. They're actual bendable and bright but not adhesive so you don't feel like it's clumping on your mouth. Also, Stila Lip Glaze. I adulation arena with lip colors but I consistently stick with either blush tones or nude tones, I don't go abundant added than that.

SL: What are your summer appearance and adorableness must-haves?

Khloe: I'm consistently into best dresses because they're carnal and adult and I just feel absolutely appealing in them and affectionate of boho, even admitting I'm not absolutely a boho girl. I anticipate those are an simple staple. If you buy them in a solid blush you can abrasion them anywhere. But for beauty, we accept a skincare aggregation alleged PerfectSkin and I would say that, abnormally in the summer if you're hot and you're afraid and you're out in the sun. I anticipate demography affliction of your derma is so important for any time of year, but abnormally in the summer because it's so glowy and admirable that you should wish to accumulate up with that and advance that afterglow for as continued as possible.

SL: Your lashes consistently angle out. How do you accomplish that look?

Khloe: Everyone asks me if I abrasion affected eyelashes and I don't. I do if it's a photo shoot or actuality or there but I accept actual acute eyes so if I do abrasion them my eyes attending absolutely abundant and I don't attending as believing as I like to. I acclimated to coil my lashes but now I'm abashed to do that. What I'll do is in fact advance my eyelashes while I accept wet mascara on them so it affectionate of aeroembolism them into abode after crimper them. I feel like that opens my eyes a lot wider. If I'm in the car afore I jump out to do a red carpeting I do the aforementioned thing.

SL: What's one account of accouterment that you'd adulation to abduct from either of your sisters closets appropriate now?

Khloe: Kimberly consistently has the best, a lot of coolest jackets. She has this aggressive anorak with these amazing bizarre accept pads. It's just beautiful, but it's so abundant money and I don't accept in spending so abundant money on something that you can abrasion alone one time anyway. It's so absurd that there's not abounding places you could abrasion it to. I anticipate it's admirable and I would adulation to borrow it from that girl.

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