Folli Follie build brew love Qiu Dong 2010 tokens

Angel of love, build Folli Follie Herve Leger Bandage Dress tender meat Qiu Dong instill confidence, had his business, dong Qiu and maintain close mutual lover, love forever.

Individual deep lover of the season comes, love letters to eternal happiness. In the romantic world of the fall and Folli Follie love mysterious angel embodiment express joy Fang Cheng flowers to the nature of love with the rainbow of colorful flowers, 66 years in love with the beautiful The milky dream deep, relaxing sincere greetings, sweet heat of pure cotton, persistent tenderness said, with unique creativity that ended the life of the voice ...

Thinking of flowers Fang Cheng Xia chun an exclusivity agreement? Folli Follie torque for the season of love, let him in dong Qiu also can be harvested in the spring!

New round selection acted bouquet red dress, Herve Leger pink, yellow, white stone, champagne, etc., and the color, creating the world's most moving cluster of roses: the enthusiasm, elegant lilies, delicate flower daisy silver than gold plate strategy that has brought the world from the cold wind howls, the perfect flower makes increased. Like true love, life is great, the eternal.

Function series Ramo necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings and all the works that you feel infinitely delivered make this dong Qiu, Moncler fully integrated into the sea of flowers and love!

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