Carey Mulligan Is Living at a Best Western

Carey Mulligan may earn more than $ 5,000,000 per film, but she now lives at the Best Western in Los Angeles. According to reports, her boyfriend broke up with Shia LaBeouf a year before recently, so I had nowhere to go.

Carey, currently filming the drama in the near flying unit, spends all his free time in the cafeteria of the hotel of $ 100 per night.

A waitress said: She spends most nights here again looks tired after taking them, I do not think she has often parties a hat and keep your head down ....

A friend revealed that Carey is scheduled to England once his commitments back to film the final.

The friend said: She has a lot of things and life in a suitcase, she has many friends in Los Angeles - his closest friends are his publicists ..

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