Tulisa's heavy metal style: Herve Leger attire used from the X element judge weighs a whole whole lot much more than a stone

If the extra weight of expectation is heavy concerning the shoulders of new X element judge Tulisa, it may be positively nothing in comparison with among the gowns she wore concerning the show, which tipped the scales at a hefty 1st 3lb (7.75kg).

It was a black, floor-length Herve Leger bandage dresses amount with silver chains sewn in to provide a womanly hour-glass shape.

The tag has lengthy been loved by celebrities — which include Elle Macpherson, Cheryl Cole and Elizabeth Hurley — as a end result of the way in which the frocks cling to curves and pull any additional ‘fleshy’ components up and in.

You’ve cannot be considered a stranger to the health club should you need to pull away a Herve Leger apparel — but this one requires it to some whole new level.

I visited the business office in the brand’s PR and took Tulisa’s apparel from its hanger. And i experienced been astounded.