Fall-Winter Series 2011: Contract taste make Appearing ethnic deaf

This dress strapless Herve Leger Mini 2011 ethnic flavor, black and dark green and brown is, and it fits perfectly, and has an incredible touch. And the color transformations are very easy on this one outstanding.

And as we know, some years ago, Herve Leger to the traditional view of the association are involved, is this dress appear in the design of narrow chest, and is designed with a glossy black leather belt has faith slim girl sexy. This style is not only suitable for a middle-aged woman, is also suitable for girls fashion, and I think the most appropriate shoes for this dress by Herve Leger is the same as the pattern of wear and of course the classic black. The costumes are not only satisfied with a classic collar and neck this season, and a square V-neck also very popular with the girls of fashion. The new association Herve Leger dress to the traditional deep V-neckline designed, it is designed with the traditional material Herve Leger and the color is beautiful, and best of all, I want to stress what are the elements of modernity in this costume Herve Leger bandage dress is traditional. Add a shiny black belt and shiny black ribbon around the neck is really a great game with a black belt.

In the space between the V-neck and waist, is around the black hole, which adds more mystery taste decorated. Herve Leger success lies in his mind will never stop trying new things and all the drawings seem very consistent with each other, and of course make perfect the cold season.

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