The Haute Couture Of 101

They want appears on the day after the seam in the rule, if journals do their photo shoots, add the clothes that tell a story and often work to a client program houses. There are something like a church-state separation and Haute Couture, with customers in private meetings with a seller on the side of a fashion house, separate lounge, separate entrance and publishers who give their interpretation of clothing.

Towards the end of Yves Saint Laurent's career, while couture collections were, sometimes with my friends, Nan Kempner, the regular customers, including dates in the YSL. It is fascinating to watch them go through clothing. They looked like very different from what I do. They bought pieces of a wardrobe. For them, the process as a slow, ongoing conversation has been.

When I took over the case of collections, think and read some comments on the blog, are available from certain things. First, a reader asked if France is the big lions in Chanel, and some of the other great houses of the production, isnta signs of megalomania. I think that detects Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and managers that the days shows are intimate, and Mr. Lagerfeld is really great and made history. Furthermore, his couture show in January was in a small town, it is not stuck in the big cats. When Jan North, said the artistic director of H & M, in the magazine industry, way hes untouchable in the fashion industry.
Secondly, I noticed a number of addresses that can play in the spring of 2011, showing ready. Both stressed Valentino and Givenchy, transparency, usually with layers. For Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci has clean clothes, the body decorated Base in long white dresses, lace and tulle color or race of the chase again, very rich, but the light they emit. Seeing through a layer of something much more than that, and keep the lines in the mass at a glance appears to be less aggressive.

But what is all with super-short hem Valentino? As Sarah Mower said in your comment americanvogue.com have passed many young women, the Mini. Here in Paris, sunburn, short dresses made of cotton and fine cuts are everywhere.

But it was. Let's see if the time line for Chanel liquid surfaces when things cool.

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