Christian Louboutin or YSL,which one i should choose?

The endure time we saw Kim Kardashian, she was agitation the cage sandal trend with YSL. It seems that Kim’s a fan of this trend, as she was spotted agitation it again, this time with Christian Louboutin’s yield on the cage sandal.
Kim’s cutting the Louboutin “Coussin” bound abate sandal. They attending abundant with Kim’s accouterments – abundant bigger than the YSL’s with the blooming burden pants. The Loubs attending abundant with a brace of angular jeans, and do a aces job of bathrobe up a accidental outfit.

I anticipate I like Louboutin’s yield on the cage trend bigger than Yves Saint Laurent. I do adulation the aggressiveness of the YSL’s, but the Louboutin’s assume far added versatile. What do you think?

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