Chanel is grayish-purple in autumn 2010 make-up and nail polish paradoxical

As we prepared for summer, fall fall into our hands.

And the neon nail polish eye as last week, we suddenly chic looks outdated, like an exclamation point and try to capture the changing hues, subdued floating in the cool air of autumn.

The Chanel Nail Colour in paradox. Photo Courtesy of Chanel launched its Fall 2010 Make-up, smoke, plums and chocolate persimmons deep. The Global Creative Director Peter Phillips to create a soft look that pairs smoky eyes with pale lips in the spotlight preference for Chanel's iconic style defined first bold contrasts.

Headliner of the Library Color Nail Polish in a paradox, a dark gray-purple color, which the company believes that it will be the new statement of the special season. If recent history's any indication, they are right - are Chanel is a leader have been identified in the development of the popular nail polish recent decisions of the seasons by his shadow Jade, we can not always keep to our table because we have so many colleagues . lend

Interestingly, not a paradox his debut at the fingertips of the current models Chanel Fall 2010 runway, a movement that Philips has announced that has to do in seasons past, Jade was the first show in the fall of 2009, I noticed Nail Colour in black velvet and gold lame was in Paris-Shanghai Chanel Metiers d'Art Fashion Show, and recently from an unknown powder blue eye shadow was seen in the Resort Collection 2011 presented.

However the models wearing jade naked pink roses to compensate for rest in nature, the shadow of inspiration around the eyes Pointalism models.

Another is interesting that in addition to Le Crayon Khol Clair, a shadow is not - own beige-colored smoke liner.

In contrast to Nail in paradox, is a color that we thought could use the summer without too so we want to get covered, of course.

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